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Guide to Booking your Hog Roast

A Guide to Booking

Before booking your event carefully consider the following, there is a considerable number of companies offering hog roast catering all displaying impressive photos and wording to portray
how good they are, however who do you know who to believe. The advantage of the internet (and disadvantage) is that anybody can portray themselves as the best. Almost anyone can establish a hog roast company, selling their business to the un-assuming public. But would you put the health and wellbeing of your friends, family and even yourself in the hands of an un-experienced chef? So before you book a hog roast do a little digging first!


Does the company know the source of their products from farm to plate? You would assume the company cares as much about your wellbeing and enjoyment of the food as much as you do. Is the meat and produce British or better still British Red Tractor and free range?

(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

These are documents that are required by law to be completed throughout the collection, preparation, cooking and serving of you meat and produce to adhere to stringent safety guidelines and deliver a service with the customers safety first and foremost. The system is called HACCP which stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point this is the system recommended by the Food Standards Agency that allows food businesses to document how they handle food to ensure it is safe to eat.

Public Liability Insurance

There is of course a minimal risk involved whilst cooking and accidents can happen usually just me burning myself on the bbq etc! Companies have provisions in place to manage risks i.e risk assessments, fire extinguishers etc to ensure a safe service, it is peace of mind to know they have public liability insurance should an accident happen.

Food Hygiene Rating

Does the hog roast company display a food hygiene rating? Councils require a business to register and be inspected to obtain a food hygiene rating, (with 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). It is important to know the rating before booking, If a company has a rating of 5 you know they are doing everything possible and take pride in being the best at what they do!

CE Marked Equipment,

Gas Safety Certificates & PAT Testing

Regular maintenance and annual inspections of equipment by a qualified person with a certification of conformity issued to ensure its safe, functional and clean.

Sacrificing Quality over Cost

Some companies sell their services cheaper than any other, on the basis by being the cheapest they will acquire a higher volume of bookings, however consider this, to be cheaper you have
to cut corners, therefore compromising the standard and quality of food and service.

A final note

When making your decision on who to book ensure that you are happy with the above points before going ahead, we hope this has helped informed you and makes it easier for you to make your choice when booking a caterer.

Adam Brown
The Lazy Pig Co Ltd